Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tivar® H.O.T High Temperature UHMW-PE Shapes

Tivar® H.O.T. from Quadrant EPP is formulated to maintain key performance properties in an extended temperature range, Tivar® H.O.T.* will excel in a variety of industrial manufacturing environments where temperatures range up to 275° F, nearly 100° higher than competing UHMW-PE formulations.

Tivar® H.O.T. reduces the oxidization rate of the material at higher temperatures thereby slowing material degradation and extending wear-life in chemical, elevated temperature and thermo-cycling environments. In many applications, Tivar® H.O.T. will last up to 10 times longer in higher temperature environments and has excellent wear and release characteristics

Tivar® H.O.T. is also a great material for use in conveyor systems or other equipment that is frequently exposed to chemical washdowns in such industries as poultry/meat processing and packaging. It can be also be used in applications ranging from wearstrips for spiral conveyors in the baking industry to drag conveyor flights for moving bulk materials (corn) in grain elevators, or wearstrips for conveyor dryers in drying and dehydrating systems.

Tivar® H.O.T. is white and available in the following standard sizes: 48" x 120" (1220mm x 3050mm) sheets with gauges ranging from 1/16" (1.5mm) to 6.0" (152mm) and 48" x 240" sheets with gauges ranging from 3/4" to 3". Other sizes are available on request. It can also be extruded in a variety of standard and custom profiles.
Tivar® H.O.T Benefits:
•Inhibits oxidation, extends material wear-life
•Extended operating temperature range
•Abrasion, corrosion, chemical, and moisture-resistant
•Excellent release characteristics
•Meets FDA guidelines, USDA and 3-A Dairy compliant

Baking - Conveyor manufacturing - Food processing & packaging - Meat & poultry processing - Pet food manufacturing

Chain guides - Conveyor components - Drying equipment - Machined parts - Wearstrips, pads and plates
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Tivar® H.O.T. is a registered tradename of Quadrant EPP.
Tivar® H.O.T. is distributed by Professional Plastics, Inc.

Tygon® B-44-3 Beverage Tubing Available from Professional Plastics

Tygon® B-44-3 Beverage Tubing is specially formulated for transferring a wide variety of beverages including soft drinks, fruit juices, flavored teas and bottled water. In virtually all cases, Tygon® Beverage Tubing will not affect the taste or odor of product transferred through it, while its excellent non-wetting properties facilitate complete drainage and permit simple flush-cleaning.

Many of the unique properties inherent to Tygon® Beverage Tubing also apply to a wide variety of complex applications ranging from fine cosmetic production to the dispensing of water-based printing inks found in the publishing industry. The versatility and proven performance of Tygon® B44-3 Beverage Tubing have made it today's most widely specified clear, flexible plastic tubing.

Benefits of Tygon B-44-3 Tubing:

•Taste-free and odor-free
•Non-wetting surface permits thorough cleaning and complete drainage
•Broad chemical resistance to virtually all non-solvent chemicals
•Lightweight and flexible for easy, quick installation
•Meets FDA, 3-A and NSF criteria
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Radel® R-7000 Series PPSU Resins now available from Professional Plastics, Inc.

Professional Plastics, Inc. and Solvay Advanced Polymers LLC have recently signed a formal distribution agreement covering Radel® R-7000 series aircraft grade PPSU injection molding resins.  The two companies will work together to develop and service customers throughout the USA.  Solvay Advanced Polymers LLC is one of the world's largest producers of engineering plastic resins.  Professional Plastics operates 14 global distribution hubs throughout the USA and SE Asia.   

The agreement will cover all Radel® R-7000 series grades including: •Radel R-7159: Unfilled, high flow for thin-wall injection molding
•Radel R-7300: Premium grade, high flow for injection molding, suitable for light colors
•Radel R-7400: Premium grade, high flow for injection molding, suitable for dark colors
•Radel R-7535: Lower cost, medium flow for injection molding, suitable for dark colors
•Radel R-7558: Lower cost, medium flow for injection molding, suitable for light colors

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Meldin Replacing Vespel in Semicon Applications

Meldin® 7001 Polyimide Replacing Vespel® SP-1 in Semiconductor Applications

Meldin® 7001 polyimide is replacing Vespel® SP-1 in an expanding number of semiconductor applications including Wafer Processing, Handling and IC Testing components. Meldin provides a combination of high-performance properties and superior economical performance.

Meldin® 7001 is ideal for electrical and thermal insulating applications. In Semiconductor Wafer Processing applications, the plasma etch rate of Meldin® 7001 is lower than Vespel® SP-1 providing superior performance over time. In IC Test Sockets & Probe Test Heads, Meldin® 7001 has replaced more expensive Vespel® SP-1 while meeting the same performance standards for precision micro-drilling and long-term stability.

Meldin® 7001 products feature operational temperatures of 500ºF (260ºF) for continuous operation and 900ºF for intermittent exposure, and tight tolerances of ±0.001 in. on both ODs and IDs. Meldin 7001 is suitable for high-temperature structural, high-purity semiconductor components.

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Meldin® 7001 Features & Benefits:
* Ultra Clean (High-Purity)
* Low Outgassing
* Low Dielectric Properties
* Easy To Machine & Very Stable
* Does Not Melt

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Meldin® is a registered trade name of Saint Gobain Performance Products and is distributed by Professional Plastics in the United States and Southeast Asia. Vespel® is a registered trade name of E.I. DuPont DeNemours.

Statements are based on typical properties and customer feedback, as well as, manufacturer provided descriptions and technical data. This information should not be considered as the sole basis of material specification. Customers should approve materials based on first-hand experience in each application. Professional Plastics supplies this information without liability and makes no statement of responsibility regarding the suitability of this or any other material in a specific application.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meldin 2000 & Meldin 6000 Series Polyimides Now Available

Professional Plastics, Inc (Fullerton, CA) has been named the exclusive North American & SE Asian distributor of Meldin® 2000 & Meldin® 6000 Series Polyimides from Saint Gobain Performance Plastics.  This product line extension further expands the relationship between the two companies.

Since 2007', Professional Plastics has been the exclusive North American distributor of Meldin® 7000 series polyimide shapes which compete head-to-head with DuPont's Vespel® SP series of polyimides.  The addition of Meldin® 2000 and 6000 series products extends the reach of Meldin® and provides a broader product offering to Professional Plastics' customers.

Meldin® 2000 Series Polyimide products include Meldin® 2001, Meldin® 2021, Meldin® 2030 and Meldin® 2211.  Principal Features of Meldin® 2000 include; excellent tensile strength and elongation, high compressive strength of over 40,000 psi and a usable limit of 34,000 psi at 10% strain, high modulus, superior creep resistance and superb dimensional stability.  Meldin® 2000 products have no observable melting point and provide balanced electrical properties, low outgassing, low friction, and high wear resistance. Meldin 2000 series is designed to replace other economy-grade polyimides (including Meldin 6000), as well as metals and ceramics, but is not suitable to replace premium PI grades such as Meldin® 7000 or Vespel® SP series

Meldin® 6000 Series Polyimide utilizes Saint Gobain's older 1990's polyimide technology, but still provide customers with a very economical polyimide option in the marketplace.   Meldin® 6000 Series products have excellent retention of mechanical and physical properties at high temperatures due to the addition of aromatic raw materials and the building blocks of polyimides. They have excellent resistance to high energy radiation and most chemicals but is not recommended for steam or hot water applications.  Meldin 6000 series is designed to replace other economy-grade polyimide blends, metals, ceramics, and plastic parts, but is not suitable to replace premium PI grades such as Meldin® 7000 or Vespel® SP series.  Meldin® 6000 retains a large percentage of its critical properties from cryogenic to 600 degrees F continuous and 900 degrees F intermittent.
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