Tuesday, December 22, 2009

PLAVIS-Esd® ESd Polyimide Shapes Now Available

PLAVIS-Esd®  Polyimide (black) is an ESd (electro-static dissipative) polyimide having surface resistivity in the range of 106 to 109 Ohms/square. PLAVIS-ESd grade (black in color) prevents electro static charge in the fabrication processing and handling of flat panel glass, semiconductor wafers and other products processed in high-temperature, vacuum or reactive environments.   Plavis ESd® is the ONLY commercially available ESd anti-static polyimide shape on the market today.

Plavis ESd® - ESd Polyimide Offers:

•Excellent anti-static properties on surface & ESd resistivity through the molded body.
•Surface resistivity in the range of 10*6 to 10*9 Ohms/square
•Excellent machinability.
•Excellent mechanical strength.
•Excellent thermal resistance – the same as PLAVIS-N.
•Excellent wear resistance
•Safe from damage during glass or wafer handling
•Also available in Conductive Grade (Plavis-E)

Click here for a material data sheet

Available now from Professional Plastics, Inc. 
For more details call (888) 995-7767 are e-mail to sales@proplas.com

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