Monday, August 8, 2011

Professional Plastics Expands Singapore Operations

Professional Plastics Pte Ltd has expanded into their 22,000 square foot stocking facility in the Woodlands district of Singapore.   The company has increased inventory and staffing levels to support their ongoing growth in SE Asia.  Materials currently stocked include Torlon, Vespel, Meldin, PEEK, Semitron ESd, Ultem, Macor, Polyimide, POM SD, PC-350, CP7D, Halar, Teflon, Kydex, Boltaron and many other engineering plastics.   Professional Plastics stocks the largest inventory of high-performance engineering plastics in SE Asia and provides technical support to companies in the semiconductor and aerospace markets.

Professional Plastics was established in the USA in 1984', and has had an ongoing presence in the Singapore market since 2007'.  The company currently operates 15 locations worldwide and has annual revenues exceeding $ 100 million.  Premium brands are supplied by globally-known manufacturers such as; Quadrant EPP, Saint Gobain, Vycom, Norplex, Sheffield and more than 100 others.

The Singapore location serves customers in the local Singapore market, as well as, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Japan and Korea.

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