Wednesday, May 16, 2012

8 Everyday Uses For Teflon

Considering the fact that plastic products seem to find their way into several aspects of one's everyday life, it should come as no surprise that Teflon, created by DuPont research scientist Dr. Roy Plunkeet in 1938, seems to appear time and time again on the list of essential ingredients to many products. Take for example the list below:

8 Everyday Uses For Teflon

Cooking:  non-stick pots and pans
Beauty Products: nail polish remover and curling and flat irons
Automotive: windshield wiper blades
Apparel and Home: fabric and upholstery protection
Manufacturing: machines and applications which require sliding actions or require bearings, sliding plates, gears, bushings, etc.
Medical: medical equipments and Teflon grafts and implants
Research: laboratory equipment like containers and tubing
Technology: Computer equipment and robotics

To find out more interesting information about Teflon, watch this clip from The Balancing Act


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